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When you get right down to it, success is all about value and trust.
Value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you. The trust you have in your people, strategies and systems. And the trust you have in your business advisors.
As the world's leading professional services firm, we know that value and trust are also the ingredients of a quality relationship — and that they are earned over more than a single engagement.
No matter how big you are, public or private, and in what industries or sectors you do business, we can help you work smarter and reach your goals. Have a look at the services we offer, below. And let's talk 
  1. Business Management
    Business Management
    Internal audit solutions: In an ever-changing risk landscape, Internal Audit is no longer about ticking boxes. It is a strategic opportunity for every organisation to drive innovation and productivity, be a lever for change, and deliver a return on its investment. Governance, risk and compliance solution: Taking an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) activities can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet stakeholder expectations
  2. SIAPT Certification
    SIAPT Certification
    In just 60 minutes, the SIAPT psychometric assessment will provide an accurate insight into how people behave at work, answering questions such as: what are their strengths and limitations? How do they communicate? Are they self starters? What motivates them?
  3. Payroll Solutions
    Payroll Solutions
    If you are planning to start your own business or have an established setup and are not sure whether you want to employ a full-time bookkeeper, we offer you a convenient solution. As a new business owner, you get easy access to qualified resources without hiring them.We can provide the most efficient services at cost-effective rates
  4. Financial Review
    Financial Review
    As your organisation tackles the change related to transactions such as debt/ equity funding, divestitures, restructuring or even bankruptcy you are likely to encounter complex accounting and financial reporting challenges. Our Accounting Advisory teams across the world provide assistance on critical issues that may arise in these situations. How we can help Our global teams have deep knowledge of the emerging accounting rules and regulatory climate across the world and we have extensive experience across different industries. We apply a disciplined, consistent methodology across our global network. This enables us to maintain our focus on helping you manage change, safeguard compliance, and optimise the quality and efficiency of your accounting function, no matter where or how you do business. Here are a few of the services we can help you with: Embedding new standards and processes Standardising your IFRS conversion and integrating your reporting Updating your accounting tools and function, including in-house training Supporting with recurring accounting and reporting compliance Board reporting and internal controls Remediating any issues identified
  1. Governance, risk and compliance solution
    Governance, risk and compliance solution
    Taking an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) activities can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet stakeholder expectations
  2. Risk Assurance
    Risk Assurance
    Today’s business environment is more complex and more connected. Companies face new and unknown risks, but also new and untapped opportunities.
  3. People and Organisation
    People and Organisation
    Tremendous forces are radically reshaping the workplace. There are new organisational, talent, HR and technology challenges to be faced as business leaders wrestle with disruptive innovation, global trade, skills mismatches and the constant tests of risk and regulation. Organisations need to redefine the way work gets done and create innovative talent ecosystems that build engaged, enabled and agile workforces. And as they face the future we know that every organisation is different. Each has a unique history, culture, leadership style and capability set in its employees. At Maxrof we build tailored people and organisation solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic ambitions - reflecting their uniqueness but also grounded in rigorous analysis and data-driven insight - to create lasting, differentiated value.​
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