About us

We are your business partner when it comes to permanent and temporary recruitment, payroll services, search and selection of professionals, career coaching and trainings. That is what Maxrof does and has been doing with passion and success since 1995.

Our HR projects increasingly have both a technology and a transformational element – the true value that comes from ‘real transformation’, shifting HR from transactional to strategic activity, a more agile and robust operating model, business driven talent and performance strategies and a radically improved employee experience. A successful HR transformation project will usually require a cornerstone element of technology.
We bring together a large global team of SMEs, thought leaders, programme and project delivery experts with specific experience in:
  • HR Transformations based around SaaS transformation, change and implementations with Workday, Oracle Fusion and SuccessFactors;
  • HR function organisational design expertise;
  • HR functional strategy and vision aligned to our people strategy capability;
  • Learning and Organisation Development functional assessment, transformation and services design experts;
  • HR functional effectiveness diagnostics experts leverage our People Analytics solutions and Saratoga.
  • We help organisations to both look ahead at the HR organisations they need for the future - and to fix their HR problems of today.
Building an HR function to fuel growth

Our Solutions

SIAPT  Certification

The structured International Aptitude and Psychometric Test (SIAPT) certification is a set of accurate, reliable and independently validated tests that create insight into how quickly someone absorbs new information, skills or procedures and how they apply and retain them. Level of education tends to play an important role but does not provide insight into developing potential or talents. A SIAPT gives accurate insight into potential rather than insight into intelligence.

A SIAPT can be taken online.

When is a SIAPT the right choice?

A SIAPT can answer questions such as:
Can this person meet the job requirements?
Is this person able to solve problems?
What is his or her development potential?
Can this person handle the mental challenges that the job offers?
To what extent is this person liable for training?

Understanding the skill level allows you to effectively link people to the job requirements. If you know at what level the strongest development potential is, then you can offer the challenge for further growth. Training herein can also be used more effectively.

Our method and rate
We send you an email with a link to the online assessment, consisting of 5 tests and explanations.
The test is taken online in a preferably controlled environment.
Duration of assessment: 120 minutes.
An hour later the outcome of the assessment is issued and  explained.
Extensive written report and graphic scores.

The price of a SIAPT is $ 115,- excluding VAT.
Please email test@maxrof.com or call Richard on +254 795 308 024 for any inquiry and also to schedule a SIAPT booking appointment.

  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)
    The PPA is not a test but a carefully researched and validated psycho-technical tool that can be filled out online. The PPA provides quick and simple insight into one's work behavior, way of communication, motivation and strengths. Based on this you can see what contribution this person can make to the organization.
    The observations gained from the PPA lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the differences in a person’s work style. The style of communication can then be effectively adapted.

    When is a PPA the right choice?

    PPA can be used to:
    recruit and select new employees;
    determine development potential;
    assemble teams;
    assist underperforming employees;
    provide insight into tense situations or ambiguities;
    develop motivating incentive programs/

    An organization is only as strong as the people who work there. Recruitment, development and retention of the right people, strengthens your organization.

    Our method and rate
    We send you an email with the link to the online questionnaire.
    Duration of questionnaire: 60 minutes/
    One hour private session with a coach in which the analysis of the personal profile is explained.
        Extensive written report
        The price of a PPA is $ 250,- excluding VAT

Building an HR function to fuel growth

HR function strategy

HR operating model and design

 HR policies and processes

We work with clients to review, align and develop HR functional
strategies that realise the needs and intent of an organisation’s
strategic business and people objectives. This sets the change agenda
for the HR function of the future and works in alignment with the
broader people strategy capability.
The design of the HR operating model and the HR service delivery Model
involves a top down approach which incorporates the strategic vision of
HR and the business to develop design criteria, identify work types and
delivery options, structure the high-level design, and define the
HR policies and processes are the lifeblood of the function and tie a
number of our capabilities together. We work across business, technology
and data interdependencies and apply Maxrof’s global process standards to
operationalise the operating model through defined tasks, actors,
activities, workflows and governance.

 HR shared services and outsourcing

 HR function capability

HR function audit

We review how the capabilities and behaviours that HR needs to deliver
the HR strategy can best be developed and maintained. We explore
‘build’, ‘buy’, ‘borrow’ and ‘grow’ approaches to HR capability in the
context of the defined operating model parameters and business needs. 
We provide audit and effectiveness based reviews of the HR function as
part of business case development or for internal audit purposes. This
can typically include a review of each element of the function and
operating model layers along with key KPIs.
HRSS are a structural, technological and cultural way of achieving
scalable administrative and tier two efficiencies. Maxrof can provide ‘make
vs buy’ assessments, as well as end to end sourcing, design and
implementation support for HRSS options.