SIAPT Accreditation

Structured International Aptitude and Psychometric Test Score  Certificate (SIAPT) gives you an accurate insight into a person’s mental horsepower.
Whilst CVs and qualifications provide you with a benchmark for a person’s academic or intellectual achievements. SIAPT test gives you an indication of the person’s potential and their ability to cope with change.
Businesses and Organizations use SIAPT testing to gain a greater level of certainty in their recruitment decisions, and add focus to their development programs and staff retention initiatives, they also use them to identify and fast track potential leaders.
SIAPT program is a proven and safe testing tool that focuses on the “mental” abilities typically needed to efficiently perform a wide range of job functions and assignments.We are living in a globalized world with an increasing demand for “adaptability”.
The SIAPT program gives a good idea of this desirable feature, because SIAPT is a good indicator of how quickly and accurately a person can process new information.Therefore, the SIAPT program gives both you and the current or future employers valuable information about how exactly your potential can best be implemented in terms of job selection and award of job and career planning.

We offer SIAPT Certification, which is a Psychometric cognitive and mental ability with situational judgement assessment test that includes a personality assessment. SIAPT tests own structured thinking  and  aptitude; no study pack is provided in advance of the test. There are two options how this can be done:
Option 1: Physical invigilation here at our offices at Mugumo Court M39, Loresho, Nairobi, Kenya – KES 13,960 (USD 135) inclusive of VAT.
For this option please book two days in advance due to our scheduling process and obtain appointment and  gate pass as security will require this for entry in the premise.

Option 2: Having the SIAPT test sent to you online via email as a word document attachment for you to complete and sending email back to us within two hours - KES 11,890 (USD 115) inclusive of VAT.
This option requires no prior booking in advance and can be done from any location worldwide to clients who cannot avail themselves to our office due to distance or work commitments.The bookings can be done Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Booking for Sunday or after 6:00pm can be arranged with prior notice.
Note: The SIAPT test under both options 1 and 2  is the same test and the difference in pricing under option 1 is due to use of our board room and computer.
The SIAPT certified Score is ready within one hour after completion of the test in pdf format.
Please note that no score will be released until the fee has been paid.The fee payment methods available are: Bank cash deposit- Gulf Bank (Ask for details). Other fee payment methods are also available for International clients(Please specify your country of residence to receive fee payment instructions for your country)
Fee payment via Safaricom Mpesa is also available.
Please email or call Richard on +254 795 308 024 for any inquiry and also to schedule a SIAPT booking appointment.

The structured International Aptitude and Psychometric Test (SIAPT) certification is a set of accurate, reliable and independently validated tests that create insight into how quickly someone absorbs new information, skills or procedures and how they apply and retain them. Level of education tends to play an important role but does not provide insight into developing potential or talents. A SIAPT gives accurate insight into potential rather than insight into intelligence.

A SIAPT can be taken online.

When is a SIAPT the right choice?

A SIAPT can answer questions such as:
Can this person meet the job requirements?
Is this person able to solve problems?
What is his or her development potential?
Can this person handle the mental challenges that the job offers?
To what extent is this person liable for training?
Understanding the skill level allows you to effectively link people to the job requirements. If you know at what level the strongest development potential is, then you can offer the challenge for further growth. Training herein can also be used more effectively.

Our method and rate
We send you an email with a link to the online assessment, consisting of 5 tests and explanations.
The test is taken online in a preferably controlled environment.
Duration of assessment: 120 minutes.
An hour later the outcome of the assessment is issued and  explained.
Extensive written report and graphic scores.

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)
The PPA is not a test but a carefully researched and validated psycho-technical tool that can be filled out online. The PPA provides quick and simple insight into one's work behavior, way of communication, motivation and strengths. Based on this you can see what contribution this person can make to the organization.
The observations gained from the PPA lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the differences in a person’s work style. The style of communication can then be effectively adapted.

When is a PPA the right choice?

PPA can be used to:
recruit and select new employees;
determine development potential;
assemble teams;
assist underperforming employees;
provide insight into tense situations or ambiguities;
develop motivating incentive programs/

An organization is only as strong as the people who work there. Recruitment, development and retention of the right people, strengthens your organization.

Our method and rate
We send you an email with the link to the online questionnaire.
Duration of questionnaire: 60 minutes/
One hour private session with a coach in which the analysis of the personal profile is explained.
        Extensive written report
        The price of a PPA is $ 250,- excluding VAT